Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The truth on why we waged war in Iraq, and why we must find a way out

Tony Clarke (previously Labour MP for Northampton South, who is now an Independent Councillor in Northampton) will be speaking at an Independent Socialists in Wellingborough public meeting on "The truth on why we waged war in Iraq, and why we must find a way out".

The meeting will be held on Thursday November 8th 2007 at 7.30 pm in the Victoria Centre, Palk Road, Wellingborough.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Our Web-Site

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Our Vision and Values

We want a society where:

  • the basic needs of all - for food, clothing, a home, love, dignity and respect - are met
  • there is equal opportunities for all to develop their talents and abilities to the full - enriching society and themselves
  • all are free from oppression, injustice, discrimination and exploitation - particularly if based on gender, race, disability, age, sexuality, ethnic or national origins, religion or belief
  • positive action is taken to reverse historic inequalities
  • children are nurtured, nourished and respected
  • older people are valued and cared for
  • people of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, "races" or background are valued and respected as human beings. Differences are a source of unity and celebration - not conflict and hatred
  • there is respect for democracy and democratic institutions - opposition to all forms of corruption - the highest standards of behaviour and leadership in public life
  • no one has the right to impose their values or life-style on others in a way that breaches their fundamental human rights
  • our world is developed sustainably and we all take full responsibility - individually and collectively - to ensure we leave the world and its environment secure for future generations
  • we contribute to a new global community of co-operation, interdependence
  • we eliminate poverty, famine, debt, militarism and war